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Low Testosterone Health Risks

Low on Testosterone? Top Signs to Watch For

More men have low testosterone levels than many realize. Often, the signs and symptoms of low T tend to be subtle, and they can often be missed. Sometimes, they are mistaken for other issues, and it’s not immediately connected to low levels of the hormone.

Below are some of the signs that may indicate someone has lower levels of testosterone than they should have.

Lowered Sex Drive

If someone typically has a strong sex drive, and it’s slowly starting to diminish, it could be due to low T. This hormone is important for the male libido and reproduction. Without proper levels, a desire for sex might shrink or vanish entirely.

This is alarming to most men, who don’t always understand why they feel this way. It can also become a problem in their relationship if they no longer feel like being intimate with their partner.

Loss of Hair on the Body and Face

Men who find that they are losing their hair on their face and body could be suffering from low testosterone. While this may not be as serious as other symptoms, it can be a concerning sign. Men want to avoid having to deal with hair loss on top of the other issues their body is going through.

Difficulty Concentrating and Mood Issues

Another of the subtle signs that can be sometimes missed is problems with focusing. Many men who have a lack of testosterone find that it’s hard to concentrate on things fully. This can lead to frustration and mood swings. In some cases, men may feel a sense of depression or a lower sense of self-worth.

Decreased Muscle Mass

Testosterone helps to build and keep lean muscle tissue. When there is not enough of the hormone in the body, the lean muscle will start to disappear. Men will also find it more difficult to regain muscle mass, even when they are using strength training in their exercise regimen. Adding testosterone to get back to normal levels can help with this issue.

Increased Body Fat

Just as the muscle mass can start to disappear and be more difficult to replace, there are often changes in body fat. Men may find that they gain fat weight easier and that it is difficult to remove, even with the typical amount of exercise and eating right.

Worried About Low Testosterone?

It is a relatively simple and effective process to return testosterone levels to normal. However, it’s important to work with a reputable clinic that can provide this treatment. XCellR8 Health is one of the leading clinics in Arizona for testosterone replacement therapy. Those experiencing symptoms and who feel they might be candidates for this treatment should get additional information first. The professionals at XCellR8 are happy to provide answers to any questions clients may have. They can also help with assessing hormone levels to determine the right steps to get clients back to their best health. Call XCellR8 Health now at (480) 281-1456 to set up an appointment.



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