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Neurogenic Hormone Therapy
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Neurogenic Hormone Therapy

Neurogenic hormone therapy is the natural alternative to clinical neuroendocrinology, which deals with the role that hormones play in neurological development, as well as the treatment and support of neuropsychiatric disorders and select neurological conditions. Although not as common as some forms of hormone therapy, neurogenic therapy is one way that people can improve their memory, cognition, mental health conditions, and more. Of course, the way that various therapies work, and their effectiveness, will vary from one person to the next

Keep reading to learn about the most common choices for neurogenic therapy when your hormones are out of balance and may be to blame for any number of neurological issues or deficiencies. The focus is generally on mood, memory, and cognition, but like many treatments and therapies, the peptides used for neurogenic benefits also have a host of other benefits and uses in stabilizing the hormones of the body.

How Can This Therapy Help?

Neurogenic therapy can offer a host of potential benefits, including assistance with conditions like epilepsy, dementia, and others. It has been shown to utilize peptides like those listed below to provide people with the health support that they need. Just as with any hormonal imbalance, the brain is not going to be functioning at its best when it is lacking the proper hormones. using supplemental therapy may offer a safer approach with more potential benefits than what could be found from chemical hormone replacement or other chemical medications.

The various peptides listed below all offer benefits for neurological health and neurogenerative support. Creating the most effective course of attack is a matter of talking to a professional about your hormone needs and health conditions to maximize your benefits. It’s also going to help you decide which therapies will be ideal for your needs. When you use any of the substances below to balance your hormones for the benefit of your brain, the potential improvements are plentiful. Keep reading to learn about each peptide therapy option for brain support and neurological health.


This peptide is designed to provide a host of potential neurological benefits. Known as the “anti-anxiety” peptide, it has also shown to help with depression and overall energy, as well as learning, cognition, and memory. It is believed to work by increasing serotonin levels in the body, which helps reduce anxiety and depression. This substance has also shown to offer support for immune function, alcohol withdrawal, weight gain prevention, and cholesterol reduction.

Of course, since this peptide was formulated originally from the peptide tuftsin, which is known for offering immune function support, it makes sense that it retains some of the immune-supporting properties. The focus, of course, does remain on the neurogenic applications as the primary focus of this therapy.


Semax is a peptide that is specifically designed to offer several neurogenic and neuroprotective properties. It can assist with increasing attention span and short-term memory and has even been shown to assist in the treatment of ADHD and other cognitive and attention-related disorders. It may offer protection from stress and damage for the brain, such as in the case of hypoxia or stroke, as well.

Semax has been used as the basis for drugs that are designed to treat several central nervous system (CNS) conditions and diseases, such as ischemic brain stroke, optic nerve atrophy, and more. It can help by increasing the levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) and help generate neurons in the brain. It also helps reduce the breakdown of enkephalins, which are necessary for reducing inflammation and pain and increasing the activity of the immune cells.


Epithalon is a synthetic version of Epithalamin, a naturally-occurring hormone in the body that is responsible for assisting with the production of telomerase, which helps improve cell protection and offers antioxidant and age-related health benefits. It can even assist with the delay and avoidance of age-related conditions like heart disease, dementia, and cancer. It improves skin health, improves cell restoration and regeneration, and can even help improve melatonin levels for older adults who have lost some production as a result of age. This peptide has indicated use for increasing the body’s resistance to emotional stress, as well.


This peptide is a nootropic substance that offers repair and restorative properties for the central nervous system and the brain. Because of its structure, this peptide can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and provide direct support to the neurons in the brain. This support can assist with stimulation of the peripheral and central nerves, improved metabolism within the brain processes, and the prevention of free radicals that can attack otherwise healthy cells and create a host of health issues.

This substance can promote new cell growth and enhance brain energy and learning capacity, while also promoting communication between the brain cells. It may also assist with increasing protein production, lowering inflammation in the brain, and more. The psychological and neurogenic benefits of this peptide are vast.

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We have worked hard to create a diverse range of solutions for hormone therapy, including neurogenic solutions that focus on all the areas discussed above. Whether you have an idea of what you want, or you need help figuring out what your body may be missing, you are in the right place to get started. Our team of professionals knows all about health supplements and how to help you get what you need, including when it comes to neurological health, mental health conditions, and related issues of the central nervous system and brain.

Call us (888.994.0875) today to discuss your needs for hormone replacement therapy and find out if any of the solutions listed above are going to deliver the type of support that you need. You have to find out what hormones are lacking before you can resolve the issue, and that’s where we come in. Let us help you discover the best way to get your hormones balanced and give your brain the health support that it deserves.