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AOD 9604 Peptide Therapy

Anyone looking to cut a few inches off their waist knows that it’s not as easy as dieting and exercising. Even if you can drop most of the weight, getting rid of the last little bit of belly pudge seems nearly impossible. This is because visceral fat—or belly fat as it is more commonly known—is affected by more than just diet and exercise. Depending on your genetics, alcohol intake, and stress levels, your body may naturally store weight in your midriff. 

But thanks to medical research, doctors have been able to isolate peptides that can help burn belly fat quickly and healthily. The peptides are small chains of amino acids that play several roles throughout the body. Some act as the building blocks of more complex proteins, and others act as hormones in the body. As most people know, proteins help build muscle and regenerate broken down parts of the body. Hormones, on the other hand, send chemical messages around the body to help kick certain processes into gear.

The Advanced Obesity Drug

One peptide in particular—AOD-9604—is specifically designed to help burn inches off the weight. AOD even stands for the Advanced Obesity Drug! This peptide was originally developed at Monash University in Australia by Professor Franklin Ng in the 1990’s. He first synthesized this unique chain of amino acids while looking for a fat-burning compound similar to the human growth hormone (HGH). Professor Ng knew that HGH had anti-obesity properties, but he wanted something that could help patients lose weight without building added muscle.  

While researching HGH, scientists at Monash University found that a small segment of the hormone created some noticeable fat-burning effects. The small segment that produced these effects made up about 10% of the whole hormone, though, and was located at the end of the molecule. By isolating this region, Professor Ng was able to recreate all the anti-obesity benefits of HG without added muscle development!

How It Works

You might be asking how peptide AOD-9604 can help a patient lose weight. For anyone looking to reduce their overall body fat, taking AOD-9604 can help melt pounds off the body by targeting fat cells not currently in use. This means targeting the body’s fat storage cells. While this might sound intense, AOD-9604 is healthy, as it mimics the same HGH found naturally within our bodies. Patients won’t suffer any unfavourable growth or changes in their blood sugar, which are sometimes triggered by other therapies. Compared to other therapies, patients also find that your bodies regenerate faster. 

After a couple of months, patients taking AOD-9604 will begin to see some very noticeable results in their waistline and throughout the rest of the body. If patients combine therapy with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise, they will see results even faster. AOD-9604 acts as a boost to help naturally put some spark back into the metabolism. Of course, putting in some added work can help to speed up the process and will only help.

AOD-9604 can be administered in a couple of different ways—either through dissolvable lozenges or through subdermal injections. Lozenges are normally taken before meals, and injections are usually self-administered at least once a day. Because the peptide is so small, it enters the bloodstream quickly and gets to work right away. It can be taken on an empty stomach though be aware of potential side effects. Users may experience soreness at the injection site, an upset stomach, or headaches after taking the peptide. Be sure to speak to a doctor if any side effects become extreme or cause discomfort. It is always better to be safe than continue taking something to which your body might react.