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Raising Growth Hormone Levels Back To A Youthful Level With Hexarelin

Aging gracefully without sore joints, brittle bones, weak muscles, and the notorious middle-age spread sounds too good to be true, but at the rate that science is going, it might not be for too much longer. As we age, our bodies go through some pretty remarkable changes, many of which we cannot even see. Considering that it only takes about seven years for every cell in our body to replicate itself, we’re not even the same people we were a decade ago. So, understanding a little about how we can slow or even actively prevent these changes can prepare us for the future.

There are standard methods that everyone knows, such as a healthy diet and regular exercise, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Working to keep weight off and our muscles fit is a great practice, but as we age, you may find that your body is working against your best efforts. This is because of the chemical signals in charge of regulating how your body stores and burns weight slowly become weaker and weaker over time. You’ve heard of them before—hormones!

For many women approaching menopause, hormones might be on your radar, but hormonal changes don’t just affect women. Men and women share pretty much all of the same hormones. Their only difference is their effects and concentrations. But anyway, it’s not the sex hormones that are the real culprit. The hormone going into short supply that’s causing you to age so ungracefully is growth hormone.

Growth hormone plays a pretty big role in our bodies’ aging process. Bodybuilders love it for its ability to help pack on pounds of muscle but, beyond that, it controls multiple different systems in the body. Growth hormone regulates how our bodies store fluid and our compositions, keeps bones dense and strong, maintains our metabolisms, and, of course, keeps our muscles strong. So, as we age, and we begin to produce less growth hormone, we start to look and feel older.

Fortunately, researchers have found a way to work around this. Whereas in previous decades, doctors would prescribe a rigorous hormone therapy to replace lost growth hormones, research these days has turned to peptides such as Hexarelin. Peptides are small chains of amino acids that carry out a wide range of purposes in the body, but some, such as Hexarelin, can prompt our slowing hormones to speed back up. This is because Hexarelin acts on the pituitary and hypothalamic glands responsible for producing growth hormones.

When Hexarelin targets and binds to these two glands, it signals that they should begin creating more growth hormone. Compared to older hormone replacement therapies, this is far safer. Because Hexarelin triggers our glands to produce the hormone naturally, patients avoid most of the negative side effects related to older therapies and can continue taking medication without pauses. Patients get all the benefits of increased growth hormone levels without the moodiness, sudden weight change, or even hair loss that can come with hormone therapies.

Researchers are still exploring other uses for Hexarelin; however, it has been shown to help fight cardiovascular disease, increase bone density, and improve recovery times. Hexarelin is currently only available through injections and is dosed at 200mg. It is safe to take daily and in conjunction with other medications, but be sure to talk to a doctor before starting a new drug. Side effects may include a lower sex drive and possible lactation. If you present with any severe symptoms, quit taking the peptide, and contact your doctor immediately. Protection Status