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Tissue Repair

Hormone therapy for tissue repair is a popular topic among many people, thanks to cosmetics brands and commercial products that have been created for anti-aging and other restorative benefits by using the powers of HGH (human growth hormone) and other peptides that can help balance the hormonal harmony in the body. Tissue repair could be suffering for several reasons but understanding what you are dealing with is the first step to finding a solution. Read on to learn more.

The Complications of Tissue Repair

When the body is in optimal health and at an optimal age, tissue repairs itself normally. It will regenerate new cells, repair damaged cells, and create a fresh surface so that the body can continue to function. As the body ages, however, or due to damage or disease, there may be issues with the body’s ability to correctly and effectively repair tissue. The process can sometimes become cumbersome for the body, resulting in imperfect repairs or increased scarring.

Wounds will take longer to heal when tissue growth isn’t properly stimulated. The process of tissue repair is different for everyone but ensuring that your hormones are at appropriate levels and being produced and secreted properly can make it all a much faster process. The potential for tissue repair improvements is quite great with hormone therapies that include select peptides known to assist in this area. You’ll want to talk to a medical professional before you do anything but consider the supplemental therapies below if you’re struggling with tissue repair.


Insulin-like Growth Factor, or IGF-1, is critical to the body because its presence helps promote the presence of HGH in the body, many cells have IGF-1 receptors and that is what makes this among the best options for cell growth and regeneration, including tissue repair. It targets different cells and communication processes to facilitate better cell division, protein synthesis, and other processes. It can also promote better metabolism and increased muscle mass.

IGF-1 can also promote regenerative properties that already exist in the body and boost the hyperplasia in the muscle cells of the body, leading to better muscle development. In childhood and throughout adulthood, having the right levels of IGF-1 is always almost as critical as having the right levels of growth hormone secreted in the body.

Pentosan Polysulfate

Pentosan Polysulfate has shown to assist in alleviating the pain of arthritis by helping to control the bone marrow lesions that are responsible for cartilage degeneration and related pain. Osteoarthritis affects millions of people around the world and there are currently a limited number of treatment options available for this condition. However, this peptide has been successfully used to help with arthritic conditions, reducing pain and symptoms by helping reduce the effect and size of the lesions in the bones. Therefore, it may be an ideal solution for those who have yet to find something that works effectively.

This substance works by helping to reduce inflammation and promote blood flow in the area around the bones. It can help promote cartilage formation and treat just about any joint in the body to help reduce the effects and damage of arthritis of all kinds. When used with other hormone therapies, additional musculoskeletal benefits may be found.

Thymosin Beta 4

This supplemental peptide mimics the natural hormone that is secreted from the thymus, which has the primary function to support T cell production in the immune system. This substance is known as an actin, or a cell-building protein. In fact, its main indication is for tissue repair. It has been shown to have an active role in regeneration, protection, and even remodeling and repair of damaged cells and tissues.

In addition to promoting tissue repair, this supplemental therapy can improve muscle tone, increase flexibility, reduce inflammation, and increase the overall endurance and strength of the muscles and bones in the body. Studies have shown that this supplement has a lot of potential benefits for tissue repair and even for things like immune support. It’s also often used for its anti-inflammatory properties for post-heart attack care in some cases.

BPC 157

This substance is comprised of 15 different amino acids that have healing properties that can accelerate tissue repair and support proper healing. This peptide can assist with the restoration of muscles, tendons, nervous system damage, and other areas of the body. It can improve the healing of skin burns, improve blood flow to damaged tissues, and help reduce pain associated with injuries or tissue damage of any kind.

BPC 157 may also assist with blood pressure, digestive function, inflammatory bowel disease, and liver healing from the damaging effects of toxins. There is an array of ways that this supplement can benefit the body, but that all stems from its basis as a healing solution for the tissues in the body. Once the tissues are in good repair, the rest of the bodily functions can fall into place accordingly. BPC 157 can be used on its own or in combination with other peptides listed here to provide the maximum health benefit.

Do You Need Tissue Repair? Consider Hormone Therapy to Help

Contact us now to discuss your needs for tissue repair and other hormone support solutions. We have a variety of supplemental hormone therapy options that will promote overall wellbeing in your body and give you the chance to see better tissue repair, inside and out. When your cells are functioning at an optimal level, your body will be healthier, and you won’t suffer from difficulty healing or regenerating tissue after an injury or illness. Our therapy solutions could provide the resources that you need to get all of that and more.

Don’t do anything to your body before you talk to professionals, of course. Even with natural supplements and hormone replacement therapy, it’s still important to make sure that you are using the right supplements, working with safe products, and choosing the most reputable solutions for your needs. Call us today (888.994.0875) to learn more about hormone therapy for tissue repair and what you can expect to gain.