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Hair and Skin

Hormone therapy to improve hair and skin health can be a great choice for some people. In fact, many women even take supplemental hormones just to improve their skin and hair health, since there are several products available over the counter today. However, beyond the basic beauty regimens, there is something to be said for restoring your hormonal balance from the inside out. The body’s skin and hair are much more prone to obvious damage since they are exposed to the elements daily.

Whether it is from aging, environmental factors, or even just a run-of-the-mill hormonal imbalance, many things could affect the quality of your hair and skin, as well as its ability to regenerate, remain youthful, and in the case of your hair, to not fall out with age. From the thyroid to the sex hormones, many different substances in the body can impact the health of the skin and hair cells, and it’s important to get to the bottom of where the imbalance lies to get the best results in restoring optimal health for your own body.

HRT and Its Effect on Skin and Hair Health

One of the most common topics among people who are looking for the many benefits of hair and skin improvements is the effect of estrogen and testosterone therapy on the body’s skin and hair. Although several hormone deficiencies can cause hair and skin health issues, the biggest indicator for many people is the lack of sex hormone production that comes with age. Women and men going through their mid-life stages of menopause and/or andropause may be more susceptible to things like skin damage, signs of aging, and brittle hair or hair loss.

Replacing the sex hormones through chemical HRT is generally the solution that most people seek. However, this may not be the best choice since there is also a risk of side effects that comes with this kind of treatment option. Ultimately, it’s going to be up to you to discuss your situation with your doctor and determine the best course of action. You should ask about bioidentical hormone therapy with substances like those discussed below.


This copper complex was first discovered in plasma but has also been found as a naturally-occurring substance in other areas of the body, including the urine and saliva. This complex can assist with wound healing and reducing inflammation, promoting blood vessel growth, and even offering antioxidant properties for the body. It may help restore tissues better and generate healthier new tissue than the body can produce on its own, in many cases, as well.

GHK-Cu can tighten loose skin, repair the proteins in the skin’s protective barriers, and help smooth rough skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It can help with alleviating sunspots, lesions, and other damage to restore the skin’s appearance, and can even offer protection from UV rays.

Zinc Thymulin

This substance is specifically used as a hair loss remedy. Zinc and Thymulin are combined to assist with follicle growth and health, which allows people to regrow hair and promote better hair growth to alleviate thinning and other issues. Having a zinc deficiency has been shown to lead to hair loss for some people, and proper levels of zinc can restore hair health to normal, youthful levels regardless of age. In addition to reducing hair loss and improving overall growth, this substance can be used in men and women to treat a variety of alopecia-related conditions, as well.

Melanotan II

Primarily designed to assist with pigmentation and tanning, Melanotan II also promotes healthy skin development and improved skin cell repair and restoration. This substance can increase the production of melanin in the skin, improving tanning, and helping to reduce the risk of melanoma at the same time. It can also help reduce sun damage, sunburn, and other skin issues that could occur as a result of improper tanning. One of the most surprising uses of this peptide to many is for the use of increased libido, as it was discovered in clinical trials to also help stimulate female desire and male erections. However, it has much more use as a supplement for skin health.


PTD-DBM is a follicle regeneration solution that is designed to assist with reviving follicles down at the stem cell level. This can help promote new hair growth and prevent hair loss at once, giving people two benefits in one. The exact operation of this isn’t entirely understood, but multiple studies have shown it to be effective in helping restore hormone levels that are related to hair growth. It is known that it helps inhibit the follicle shrinking process and that it can help increase communication between the cells and the body as a whole.

Let’s Get Your Hair and Skin Health Back

Call us now (888.994.0875) to discuss your hormone needs, including any health issues that you may be facing with your skin and hair health. We can often help you find the hormone therapy combination that will work from the inside out to restore your body’s balance and potentially reduce or limit the signs of aging in this regard. There are so many different issues to consider and everyone has different needs, which is why you have to work with professionals that understand the nature of hormones for the best results.

If you are struggling with aging skin, excess damage, or any kind of hair loss or damage, we are here to help you find the best hormone therapy solution. Using the substances above, we can help create a care plan that will restore your hormone levels and promote optimal hair and skin health from the inside out and at the deepest levels. Contact us to discuss where your issues lie and how hormone therapy may be able to provide the solutions that you need, no matter what kind of issues you are dealing with. We’re standing by and ready to help whenever you need us.