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Energy Plus

Energy Plus is one of our IV therapies that is quite popular among those who may not have a specific health ailment but are looking for a little bit of a boost for their body and their mood. This IV therapy is designed to improve both mental and physical energy, designed for busy professionals and athletes who just don’t have enough time to find the energy elsewhere. The pre-formulated therapy includes an array of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids that are central to the body and its optimal operation.

Energy Plus IV therapy includes a total of eight (8) different B complex vitamins, vitamin C for overall immune support and energy boosting, as well as an array of amino acids that can support the body’s health at the cellular level and restore energy levels, improve mood, and even provide some anti-aging and immune support benefits. If your body feels better at the cellular level, you will feel more energized and be able to get more done in the day.

Can You Customize This IV Therapy?

Like all of our solutions, the Energy Plus formula is designed to address specific health issues and it has been carefully created to produce the maximum benefit possible. As such, it should take care of all of your energy restoration and mood balancing needs. However, because everyone has unique health needs, we can also offer customized options by adding other ingredients of additional IV therapies. A short discussion is all it takes to determine exactly what will be best for your needs, and our professional team is always standing by to help you find the right IV therapy solutions.

Benefits of Energy Plus

In addition to the obvious benefit of energy restoration, the ingredients in this formula are combined to offer a variety of health benefits on a much deeper level. The B Complex vitamins can assist with mood support, cardiovascular support, mental clarity and focus, energy production, immune function, antioxidant functions, and anti-aging support. In addition, the amino acids will help restore the body’s health in many ways.

Amino acids are what build proteins in the body and they are made of various organic compounds. These are found in as much as 75% of the body, so if they aren’t functioning as they should or being properly produced and distributed, the body could be affected negatively in many ways. Amino acids are a foundational element of normal chemical reactions within the body, and can affect things like:

  • Digestion
  • Energy
  • Mood regulation and hormone production
  • Skin synthesis and healthy production
  • Maintenance and creation of connective tissue and muscles
  • Repair and healing on the cellular level
  • Growth and development

The body needs a delicate balance of amino acids to perform at its best. The problem is that the body is not capable of storing these, so they must be regularly produced and available on-demand. Without them, the tissue and muscle proteins will begin to break down.

Why are We All Tired?

In today’s fast-paced society, very few people are getting the nutrients, sleep, and healthcare that they really need. People eat drive-thru dinners and spend less time sleeping than ever before. They are up too early, up too late, and just way too busy. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day life and forget to eat properly or consider the body’s overall wellbeing, but that will start to catch up with people eventually.

Even those who are trying to eat right are still going to struggle, and especially if they aren’t changing any of their other busy habits. It’s important to step back and set boundaries for yourself so that you don’t put your body at risk by overworking yourself or not taking time to relax. Of course, that’s always easier said than done.

One of the better solutions, of course, is to use our Energy Plus IV therapy to help restore your body’s natural balance and boost your energy levels across the board. Whether you’re an athlete or just a busy professional, you need to be able to keep moving and when you don’t have the time to take a serious break, infusion therapy might be just what you need.

Regulation and Improved Function

The biggest benefits of the Energy Plus formula are the regulation of the body’s functions and hydration levels, as well as improved overall health and wellbeing. The body will feel better and function better, even all the way down at the cellular level, which is not something that a lot of people can say. Plus, our pre-formulated IV therapies are specifically designed to create the ideal mixture for the best results, so you may not even need to worry about modifying your formula from this standard therapy.

When your body is functioning better, you will feel better. Not only will you have more energy, but your mood will be improved, and the rest of your health will be positively impacted as a result. It may sound like something that is too simple or too good to be true, but it really does boil down to making sure things are good on the most basic cellular level.

In a perfect world, we would tell people to slow down and take a break here and there. However, most people either don’t have the time or the means, if you ask them about taking a little time off. Maybe you can’t get out of town for a week, but you can enjoy a few minutes of relaxing during the infusion and immediately feel the results of a more positive, less frustrated attitude. You will be less tired and muscle fatigue won’t be an issue, either.

Call Us to Discuss Your IV Therapy Options

From Energy Plus to our standard hydration therapy, there is something for everyone who wants to benefit from direct infusions of vitamins and supplements. Our professional team is standing by to help you discuss your needs and help you figure out how you can use this to your benefit. Call today (888.994.0875) and don’t hesitate to ask questions, because we’re here to help in any way we can.