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Using hormone replacement therapy for libido allows you to improve your overall sex drive, arousal, and sexual function. Of course, there are some things that you need to understand about how the body works and what hormones affect your sexual function. Beyond the typical sex hormones, there are other hormones produced by the body that can have several different effects on your libido, causing a drop in sex drive, a lack of function, or even an inability to perform or climax. Keep reading to learn more about libido and hormone therapy that can help get it back on track.

What Causes Libido Loss?

Sexual dysfunction can occur in anybody and at any age. Several factors can have an impact on the proper function of your sexual organs and your arousal. Age, diet, medications, chronic health conditions, and even lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking can affect your sexual desire and ability to perform. Since you can’t possibly know how to fix the problem until you know what’s wrong, it’s important to talk to your doctor or a hormone specialist about your libido loss. The most common causes include:

  • Menopause or Andropause (male menopause)
  • Medications
  • Chronic illness
  • Mental health conditions (anxiety, depression, stress)
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Sleep issues
  • Excessive alcohol or drug use

Loss of libido can be physical, psychological, or a combination of the two. Figuring out the why may take a little work, but with more information, you will be better prepared to deal with the process and know what to expect in terms of potential therapies and hormone treatments that can improve your libido and help balance the sexual function of your body overall.

The causes of low libido are also going to be different for men than women, in some cases. Both can suffer several negative effects as a result of having low libido, but the causes will often be quite different. More men and women struggle with sex drive, sexual function, and related issues than you might realize, but few are willing to talk about it.

With solutions like supplemental hormone therapy that are so simple and offer the potential for safer results, it doesn’t make sense to “just live with it” like so many people often do. Read on below to learn about two peptides that can assist in improving libido and how you can get started on restoring your libido.

Melanotan II

This peptide is designed to stimulate melanin release and production in the body to assist in improving skin pigment. Essentially, it induces tanning of the skin, by stimulating the melanocytes in the body. The lack of melanin in the body can also have other health effects, however, including the opportunity to assist with increasing libido. This was discovered almost by accident during studies for the use of this peptide as a tanning agent, but it has proven to continue to be quite effective. Some people will use this peptide alone while others will combine it with the more refined PT 141, discussed below.

PT 141/Bremelanotide

This peptide is also available under the brand name Vyleesi, helping to provide improved sexual arousal for men and women with near-instant results for some. The effects of this substance can be felt for up to 12 hours and can linger for a few days as the dosing wears off. Men and women alike have reported improved arousal and sexual experiences after using this therapy.

The unique thing about this peptide is that it was developed from Melanotan II, which was discussed above, targeting the specific aphrodisiac effects to create a new solution that is more effective for things like erectile dysfunction in men and sexual arousal disorder in women. Its unique mode of operation allows it to get through the blood-brain barrier to work from the central nervous system, rather than just affecting the vascular system as many ED drugs do.

Rather than increasing blood flow or creating a physical response that assists with sexual dysfunction, PT 141 creates an arousal response in the nervous system. This is not only more effective but often safer because it doesn’t cause the dangerous drops in blood pressure of many other treatments.

Not to Be Confused with Chemical HRT

Many people take testosterone or estrogen supplements to help balance the hormones in their bodies. These are offered in prescription products and can come with their own laundry list of potential risks and side effects. Typically speaking, chemical hormone replacement therapy will cause a huge increase in libido and arousal, but it also comes with a lot of potential side effects and risks, including those related to heart health and blood pressure, which are two of the body’s most critical systems. 

This is why supplemental hormone therapy with substances like those discussed above is a much more effective and safer option for those who need help improving their libido or resolving their sexual dysfunction issues. The assistance of naturally-based peptides may provide many of the same effects, with a more balanced approach, and leave the risk of serious side effects behind. Before you start any kind of therapy to assist your libido or improve sexual desire, make sure that you talk to qualified professionals about all of your options and what is going to be best.

Call Us to Learn More About Hormone Therapy for Libido

Our team is standing by to assist you with whatever you need when it comes to your libido and improving your body’s function overall. We can help you learn more about the two peptides discussed above, as well as other potential solutions that will give you more desire and improve your sexual function at the very core, rather than just addressing the physical nature of the issue. 

Call us today (888.994.0875) to discuss your situation, and know that we will help you come up with a personalized solution that works for your needs. We can use your medical records to determine the best approach to hormone therapy and help you get your libido back naturally.