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XCellR8 Health Clinic
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Our Health Care Professionals are trained in integrative and functional medicine. Let one of our professionals create a customized plan to fit your needs and goals.

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We specialize in anti-aging therapies that are safe and effective. We take a holistic approach in order to make you feel emotionally, mentally, and physically better!

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All our therapy plans are customized to meet your individual needs. We have bio-identical hormones, peptides, IV Therapy, and more.

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Brittany Schneider

Brittany Schneider, MS, CNS, CPT

Have you ever been so fed up with your health or unexplained symptoms that couldn’t be solved? Stomach issues you couldn’t shake or weight you just couldn’t seem to lose? That was me. In 2008 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and in the following years I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and multiple food sensitivities, which prompted my interest in nutrition. After I struggled with my own digestive issues for years while doctors told me I was 100% healthy, I decided to extensively research nutrition and go back to school because I knew something wasn’t right. I learned first hand the power of nutritional therapeutic interventions to heal the root cause, and not just treat my symptoms. I encourage people to be their own health advocate, and if they feel like something isn’t quite right to keep searching for answers. I am passionate about helping people with an integrative and functional approach to nutrition, utilizing whole foods and supplements to improve health. Rather than treating symptoms I try to find the root cause of what is going on within the body, while focusing on the whole person – not just individual parts. I combine health coaching and medical nutrition therapy to help you transform your life. I am a Board Certified Nutritionist Specialist (CNS) and completed my Master’s in Nutrition & Integrative Health at Maryland University of Integrative Health, with a focus in clinical nutrition. I also received my BS in Business Administration from the University of Mary Washington and am a NASM certified personal trainer. Protection Status