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Epitalon – The Fountain of Youth?

Do you like horror? If so, you probably know that there is one thing more people are afraid of than anything else. No, it’s not spiders. It’s not clowns. And it’s not heights. It’s AGING! Did we scare you? Ok, that was a bad joke, but, understandably, so many people are afraid of getting old. As the years go by, our bodies begin to break and slow down. Once easy tasks such as bending over to tie our shoes become difficult, tiring, and even painful. Then there’s the vanity. Wrinkles and grey hairs might be an inevitability, but that doesn’t mean anyone is looking forward to time’s hand upon their face.

With so much cause to worry, entire industries have popped up promising to keep customers young, supple, and spry. There are a few different avenues to youth—skincare, exercise, stretching, diet. But none of these are necessarily a science. Yes, they may have clinical backing, but wouldn’t it just be better to take something shown to help you age more gracefully? One product, Epitalon, promises to do just that.

What Is Epitalon and What Does It Do?

Epitalon is a synthetic peptide developed specifically as an anti-aging drug. If you don’t remember from biology class, peptides are just small chains of amino acids. In Epitalon’s case, it’s only four small amino acids. If taking something synthetic sounds suspicious, rest assured knowing that Epitalon is based on a natural pituitary peptide called epithalamin and was developed at the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology.

Epitalon reportedly helps slow the aging process by lengthening telomeres. Telomeres are segments at the end of our DNA’s chromosomes that don’t code for anything. But, if they don’t code for anything, why are they there? Protection! As our cells replicate, they can translate small mistakes in the DNA. Telomeres help prevent this by capping our chromosomes. Yet, when we get older, our telomeres become shorter and shorter. And then, when regular errors start to show up in our genetic code, we feel the effects as aging.

By lengthening our telomeres, Epitalon has been shown to slow time’s toll on our cells. But Epitalon also boasts of a secondary benefit—that it can help balance our circadian rhythms. If you struggle to sleep at night, you probably have heard of taking melatonin. This is because, as we age, our bodies stop producing as much melatonin. Without it, we struggle to fall and stay asleep. But, like epithalamin, melatonin is a pituitary hormone. This means that taking Epitalon, which is a mirror of epithalamin, can help naturally increase how much melatonin the body secretes.

Starting on Epitalon

Before starting a new medication, always talk to your doctor. Your doctor can help with dosages and guarantee that a new treatment will not interfere with other medications. You can find Epitalon over the counter through several generic names such as “Telomere Advantage” though there is also a name brand option. Epitalon can be taken as a pill or through a biannual injection.

There are no stated side effects; however, be aware that injections often come with some soreness and irritation at the entry site. If you do experience any severe side effects, talk to your doctor immediately, and they can help prescribe the appropriate course of action. Epitalon is currently still undergoing research as a potential cancer treatment. Still, if you are looking for something that promises to be the fountain of youth in your life, Epitalon could be the answer for you. Sleep better and night with the confidence that you are aging more gracefully.