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What is IV supplement therapy?

IV therapy that is used to deliver vitamins, nutrients, and other substances directly into the body can be an effective way to restore the body at the cellular level. This infusion method can allow us to deliver larger doses more safely. Plus, the body will get more of the direct benefits than it would with an oral supplement, which would mostly be discarded or broken down by the body.

These IV therapies are completed within an hour, and sometimes less, and you will feel immediate effects. The infusion offers 100% absorption and can keep you feeling better and functioning at the right levels for much longer than the other solutions available today. Plus, the entire process is managed by trained medical professionals for a safe, effective solution to many of life’s most common ailments and issues.

What potential benefits can I gain from IV therapy?

There are several benefits from IV hydration therapy, which is available to assist with issues like anti-aging, migraines, immune support, hangover and athletic recovery, weight loss, energy and hydration, and so much more. All of the formulas include a specific amount of certain nutrients and vitamins that are known to offer the maximum benefits for their intended uses. The biggest benefit, of course, is that you will be restoring your body at the cellular level for a better feeling of wellness overall.

Can anyone benefit from IV therapy?

Many people suffer from a variety of ailments or nutrient deficiencies that could easily be resolved by utilizing various IV therapies. However, healthy people can also use this therapy as a preventive treatment to ensure that they are in optimal health and that their body is operating at its best capacity at all times. This can prevent a lot of ailments and health issues.

Why choose XCellr8 Health for IV supplement therapy?

At XCellr8 Health, we are committed to providing the best solutions for all types of health support needs. We have carefully formulated all of our IV therapies to address specific needs and can consult with individuals to determine if additional supplementation may be necessary. We have been working with this therapy for years and understand how to combine the right therapies to address the unique health needs of each individual.

How often can these infusions be done?

There is no real schedule to these infusions, but most people use them on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Some people may get them as frequently as twice a week if they are getting different infusions or just going in for an energy boost. Ultimately, we recommend getting an infusion when you feel like you need a little boost in one area or another.

What should I expect after each IV infusion?

Everyone is different, but typically the impact of the formula will be immediate. You will feel more energetic and revitalized from the inside out, and those who are severely lacking may even see dramatic improvements. Some have reported a vitamin taste or an odor in their urine, but these are normal and not to be concerned about.

Aren’t oral vitamins good enough?

Although there are several vitamins and supplements available in oral form, they may not always be as effective. This is largely because these pills need to be broken down and digested by the stomach and intestines before they can be infused into the body. During that process, a great deal of the nutrient value is going to be lost. Thus, IV therapy offers a direct infusion without the loss of nutrients because there is no breakdown of the supplements.

Is there a risk of overdose?

The way that we have formulated our supplemental IV therapies has been designed to be safe for everyone, even at high doses. Everything that we use is water-soluble and with more dangerous vitamins like vitamin D, we will have blood work performed to ensure the levels are optimal and you aren’t ingesting too much. Ultimately, this is a safe process with minimal to no risk of overdose.

How painful is IV supplement therapy?

Supplemental infusions aren’t really painful in and of themselves. Some people report a bit of a pinch at the time of injection, as well as some pressure where the IV is inserted during the infusion. Other than that, there may be a bit of discomfort or bruising around the IV site or the vein that was used for a few days, but this will be minimal.

How long will the process take?

You can typically expect your IV hydration therapy to take between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the treatment you are getting and whether you are getting more than one. Appointments can be scheduled so that you can get in and out quickly, saving you a lot of time on keeping your body in great condition.

Will a doctor be present?

We have a licensed physician on staff, along with a full team of trained professionals and IV specialists that are present during the infusion process and available to assist as needed. They will oversee, monitor, and administer your infusion at all times.

What exactly can you put into these IV therapies? Can they be customized?

All of the formulations that we use have been carefully designed to address specific health needs. They include unique vitamins and substances and should provide plenty of support even though they are pre-formulated. We can also add nutrients or additional ingredients if you have specific health needs.

Why is this such a beneficial solution?

The use of natural supplements is always a better option for the body when chemical-based drugs are the alternative. When you consume nutrients orally, the body only really sees 10-20% of the good stuff. The rest is processed and filtered out of the body or broken down and lost along the way. IV hydration therapy delivers nutrients directly to your bloodstream to ensure 100% absorption.

Are there any potential risks or side effects of IV therapy?

Although this is a natural therapy, there are some instances of allergic reaction to the elements in the infusion, but it is rare. Other potential risks include inflammation of the vein where the IV is inserted, as well as mild pain, bruising, and discomfort at the insertion site.