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Hangover IV Therapy
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Hangover IV Therapy

No one likes a hangover, but everyone likes having a good time. Often, hangovers happen by accident, but that doesn’t mean that you just have to suffer through. In the past, some pain medicine and sports drinks to rehydrate might have been all you could muster. Today, however, there are other options, including IV therapy designed specifically to replace the nutrients and hydration that your body has lost due to alcohol consumption. Keep reading to learn more about this therapy, where hangovers come from and why some people are more affected, and how IV supplemental therapy can help you get back on track faster.

Why Do Hangovers Happen? Why are They Worse for Some People?

Hangovers are a biological response to the body feeling dehydrated and depleted as a result of how the alcohol affects it. Alcohol is naturally going to dehydrate the body and cause a disruption in the nutrient balance, and as your body tries to keep up it will use even more of those resources along the way. The result is that people are left the next day feeling sluggish, foggy, and sometimes even in serious pain or dealing with nausea that just won’t quit.

Of course, there are those lucky people who just don’t get hangovers—but is that even possible? It absolutely is. The reason that people get “drunk” in the first place is because of the body’s allergen response to the alcohol. Essentially, everyone is allergic to the same elements in alcohol that cause the “drunk” effect—which you can now see is really just an allergic reaction. Some people may not have as severe of a reaction, or their bodies may be more well-balanced or able to withstand the stress of excessive alcohol consumption better than others. It’s rare, but it does happen.

Most people will get drunk, and they will feel hungover the next day. While the body is trying to combat this allergic reaction, you’re having a great night out. You keep drinking more alcohol, which depletes more resources, and by the time you wake up in the morning, there’s not much left so naturally you don’t feel that great. So many people have “tried and true” hangover remedies, but they aren’t always effective. What’s more is that not all remedies will work the same for every person.

IV Therapy for Hangovers

It might seem a little extreme to rely on something like IV therapy to help alleviate hangovers, but it is one of the best options available today. This infusion goes directly into the bloodstream for near-100% absorption and includes all of the nutrients, vitamins, hydration, and other elements that the body needs to restore its balance after a night of heavy drinking. Our hangover therapy includes things like:

  • Plenty of fluids to restore the hydration levels in your body
  • B Complex vitamins for energy and immune support
  • Specific medications and supplements designed to assist with mental clarity and nausea

We have worked hard to carefully craft this IV therapy to provide maximum relief for hangovers in a near-instant delivery method. This therapy ensures that your body can absorb more of what it needs with a direct infusion and it often takes less than an hour, which means anyone can get it done without investing a lot of time or rearranging their whole life.

How Hangovers Affect Your Body

When you are hungover, a few different things are happening. First, alcohol is responsible for slowing the release of the hormone that allows your kidneys to absorb electrolytes and water. This means that fluids aren’t being flushed out. Alcohol also increases your body temperature, so you may be sweating and losing more hydration. Plus, your heart is working harder, and blood vessels are constricting, which is where you’ll get the hangover headaches.

Your entire gastrointestinal system is inflamed and irritated. The stomach acids may be out of balance and that can lead to severe nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and even stomach pain. Your body is essentially on the defensive, and you need to help it get back on track sooner than later. Instead of spending the day in a dark room with a sports drink and some pain medication, consider IV hangover therapy for instant relief with near-total absorption that is delivered directly to the bloodstream.

This is a Tool, Not a Cure

The important thing to understand is that this therapy is not intended to cure or treat hangovers on a regular basis, nor does it make any claims to guarantee the effects. It has the potential to assist with many of the common symptoms of hangover-related dehydration, but it should not be considered a serious resource for alcohol addiction.

IV therapy can help get you back to normal, but it shouldn’t be something that you rely on. The best decision, of course, is to drink in moderation. Of course, the occasional wild night out happens, and it can be helpful to have a quicker way to get back to feeling balanced. If you can’t avoid the hangover, IV therapy might be able to help alleviate the worst symptoms and get you back to your life.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

Call us now (888.994.0875) to talk about our IV therapy treatments for hangovers and other needs. From simple hydration to a total boost for all your systems, we have carefully formulated all our treatments and can even offer custom solutions with added nutrients and minerals for your unique health situation. We have a team of specialists that know all about how to help the body restore its natural balance through IV infusions and we are standing by to help you in any way that we can.

Stop fighting the hangover battle alone and spending entire days trying to get your body back to normal. With IV therapy, you can be done in less than an hour and be back to your life, all the while feeling better quickly and enjoying long-term benefits at once.