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Athlete Plus IV Therapy

For performance, your body can always use a boost. Athletes are more aware than most of how their bodies are performing on a day-to-day basis, and they have a specific regimen that they follow for prep and recovery, which can usually prove to be quite effective. However, for athletes, the faster the recovery, the faster they can get more out of their performance and their overall sense of wellbeing. Not only that, but it can be hard to replenish all the nutrients lost from a tough exercise routine or sporting event, which leaves many looking for a better way.

Our Athlete Plus formula is designed to cater to the unique needs of athletes who are looking for a better way to rehydrate and recover after any type of activity or event. Replenishing the body is critical and our IV therapy delivers all the nutrients and vitamins that people need to restore their body to peak performance levels. You cannot consume enough liquid orally to keep up with the capacity of this infusion, and especially not after strenuous activity or exercise.

With IV therapy, you can get all of the fluids, electrolytes, and other nutrients that you need delivered right to the bloodstream, bypassing any risk of stomach upset or cramping, and saving you a lot of time and hassle waiting on recovery from drinks or oral supplements.

How the Process Works

Water is necessary for (and responsible for) a number of processes in the body, including muscle recovery. Water helps lubricate joints, delivers nutrients to the body, and keeps muscles flexible and helps avoid cramping. When the body isn’t properly hydrated, you could experience muscle cramps, tiredness, dizziness, and other symptoms. You can use this therapy for preventive hydration or as a post-exercise option.

Preventative hydration with IV therapy will allow you to guarantee that your body is not going to get dehydrated mid-workout and you won’t have to worry as much about replenishing things after the fact. This can help lessen the risk of muscle fatigue and other more serious symptoms related to dehydration. Most athletes have pre- and post-workout routines and IV therapy could become part of yours.

After exercise or activity, IV therapy will work to improve your muscle recovery and help you get back on your feet faster. It can also boost your post-workout energy levels while your body is being detoxified and cleansed. Both methods will be able to restore blood plasma volumes, bring down the core temperature, and decrease the levels of adrenaline and stress hormone in the body.

Because this infusion goes directly into the bloodstream, results can be seen and felt almost immediately, giving people the boost that they need to get their bodies back into performance mode for the next event.

Why IV Therapy is Effective for Athletes

The body wasn’t designed to be on the go 24 hours a day. However, today’s busy world often doesn’t allow for much else. Therefore, having alternative ways to supplement your body and give it the nutrients and vitamins that it needs to restore a healthy balance and offer the most potential benefits for the performance. Keeping the body hydrated is a must, and especially for athletes. The body has to be well-hydrated in order to keep up on the go, and IV therapy offers a great way to do just that.

IV therapy is effective because it uses amino acids, vitamins, nutrients, and fluids to give the body all the tools that it needs to start building the foundation for a healthier future and better performance down the line. Athletes are always looking for tools to help improve the way they perform, and this is one that should be on everyone’s list, at least to consider.

The human body requires a certain level of nutrients and vitamins, in addition to hydration, in order to be most effective at athletic performance and other physical activities. Our supplemental therapy includes plenty of ingredients that are designed to optimize performance and help athletes prevent dehydration and recover effectively. Because it is such a well-formulated solution, but it can also be customized to your specific needs, many people like IV therapy as a pre- or post-workout option when they want to try something new.

IV therapy with Athlete Plus can help with things like:

  • Improved performance and stamina
  • Promotion of healthy energy consumption
  • Metabolism support
  • Reduced muscle aches, soreness, and even muscle cramps
  • Improved repair of the body’s cells
  • Increased endurance

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list. There are several potential ways that supplemental IV therapy can assist people with their performance and/or recovery, so sometimes you may find something completely different that you are trying to resolve. Trust that if you’re an athlete, you will find plenty of ways to try new things and if you are lucky, you might even like them. For a quick performance boost, this could offer more potential benefits than you think.

Get a Boost for Your Athletic Performance

Athletes need to keep their bodies in the best shape possible at all times. Sometimes, they need a little assistance doing it. If you think that you might be able to benefit from our Athlete Plus formula, contact us today to talk about your exact health needs. You can spend less time preparing for a workout or trying to recover and get an instant boost for athletic performance at its peak. We’ve worked hard to come up with the ideal formulations to help the largest group of people and should be able to help you get everything that you need.

We will be here to help you with answers to your questions, including whether you need more than just this IV therapy, or if there are any that you could benefit from. Whether you’re a serious athlete or you’re just looking to find something that helps boost your regular workout routine, this IV therapy might be exactly what you need. Call us now (888.994.0875) and see how our IV therapy solutions can help with your performance and so much more.