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Benefits of IV Therapy for the Myers Cocktail

Most people attempt to take care of their bodies and their health. However, the world is increasingly busy, which means that sometimes doing the right thing falls by the wayside. People aren’t always able to eat as well as they would like because they are on the run. This means they are not getting enough nutrients and vitamins. They might have trouble sleeping, and they could feel that they are always run down and out of energy.

When these feelings start to take over, people often feel more stressed and tired. They might have muscle pains even when they aren’t working out. People could also be suffering from chronic inflammation, which could cause serious damage to the body over time. The goal of IV therapy with the Myers Cocktail is to relieve these issues by providing the essential vitamins and nutrients needed to thrive.

What’s in the Myers Cocktail?

IV therapy for the Myers Cocktail includes several important and often deficient nutrients and vitamins, including vitamin B complex, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium. Most people might think that they are getting enough of these nutrients, but that’s often not the case. The USDA has found that around 70% of people in the United States are not getting enough magnesium from diet alone.

When there’s not enough magnesium in the diet, it will start to be released from the bones, which is where it’s stored in the body. When this happens, calcium is also removed from the bones, which can cause them to weaken. Not getting enough magnesium could also be linked to other issues, such as high blood pressure. The Myers Cocktail helps to provide these nutrients to help keep the body strong.

Vitamins B and C help to keep the body functioning properly. Vitamin B helps with energy production and cardiovascular health, among other things. Vitamin C is beneficial for the immune system, as well as the muscles, circulatory system, and bones.

The ingredients found in IV therapy for the Myers Cocktail can help to provide the body with the help and support that it needs when people aren’t able to get enough vitamins and nutrients through their diet. That’s why many people are choosing to use this option today.

What about Pills and Powders?

Of course, some might be wondering if they can simply take multivitamins or powdered drinks to get the nutrients and vitamins they need. While these might provide a small benefit, it’s important to remember that by the time they get into the bloodstream, they’ve been diluted by the digestive system. They are not as effective as many people might think. Fortunately, the IV therapy for the Myers Cocktail goes into the bloodstream at full strength and starts working right away.

Talk with the Professionals at XCellR8 Health

Anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of the Myers Cocktail should get in touch with XCellR8 Health, where they’ll find this IV therapy, as well as other treatment options for optimizing health. Contact the professionals at XCellR8 Health to schedule an appointment for a free consultation today.


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