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Despite being a common and chronic issue for millions, very little is known about the cause of most migraines. That can make them difficult to treat and manage, and yet some can be so debilitating that people cannot perform everyday tasks or even get out of bed when they are in the middle of a severe episode. Some people have migraines so severe that they wind up in the emergency room or at urgent care in search of some kind of relief.

One of the biggest things that doctors and healthcare professionals do know about migraines is that they often have triggers. Many people can avoid migraines by paying attention to their onset and avoiding the trigger—which could be anything from wine, a specific food, or even being out in the sun for too long.

There are a number of over the counter (OTC) and prescription pain medications available, but they provide little relief, and, in many cases, they are only absolving the symptoms and not addressing the underlying concerns. In situations where people find themselves needing more than just a quick fix, or wanting something different, IV therapy may be an effective choice.

IV Migraine Therapy

Our migraine IV combines 1000ml of various fluids, including anti-inflammatory medications, magnesium, and medications designed specifically for acute migraines. This formula has been tested and proven to be the most effective combination to provide maximum relief for a wide variety of sufferers. Plus, it can often be combined with additional treatments like hydration IV therapy or by adding additional supplements or vitamins for your specific health needs.

However, even our base formula has proven to be quite effective in providing relief from a variety of migraine issues and symptoms, and even helping people better identify and avoid triggers so that they don’t suffer from as many migraines in the future. Reducing the inflammation and hydrating the muscles, while also calming the nerves, is how our IV migraine therapy infusion works to deliver the most benefits possible.

We can even help create custom formulas to address other headache issues and related health concerns. If you want something that can also restore your body at the cellular level, for example, you may find better relief from migraines in the long run by addressing your body at the core. Everyone is different, so it helps if you can talk to an experienced professional about the best solutions for your migraine relief, whether that’s just our standard migraine IV therapy or any other combination of formulas and vitamins that we offer.

If you’re not sure what the benefits are from infusions like our migraine therapy, keep reading.

Reasons to Try Infusion Therapy for Migraines

  • Many studies have shown infusion treatments to remain somewhat effective for up to a full month after the treatment. This can be a whole new world for many chronic migraine patients. Rather than having to constantly take medications, you can get an infusion and enjoy more relief for a longer period.
  • This treatment usually only takes around an hour to complete, and it is much more affordable than many migraine treatments on the market. It is much more time and cost-effective than many treatment options, not to mention will save plenty of hours previously lost to migraines and their debilitating pain.
  • Infusions designed for migraines offer quick, targeted relief with a blend of different medications that can treat nausea, main, and inflammation all at once by targeting the proteins that are known to cause migraines. This helps to subdue the nerves and calm irritation, stopping the migraine attack in its tracks in most cases.
  • The combination of vitamins and minerals used in the infusion can be customized to address specific concerns or help with additional health issues that you may be experiencing. IV hydration therapy is helpful in relieving migraine symptoms and preventing attacks, but it can also provide plenty of other benefits to your health and wellbeing.

It Might Be Something Else

In some cases, people think that they know their migraine triggers or that they are aware of what they are dealing with. However, because migraines and headaches can be so tricky and difficult to understand, it’s easy to get misled. With IV hydration therapy, you may have a chance to figure out what is really going on and address your body’s issues on a deeper level. The migraines may be the biggest problem that you are experiencing outwardly, but there may be something else entirely going on inside.

Rather than just covering up or subduing the symptoms of migraines, IV therapy helps balance the body at the cellular level and give you total health support, while also impacting the proteins that are thought to be responsible for migraine attacks in the first place.

Is IV Therapy for Migraines Right for You?

Take the time to learn as much as you want about infusions like this and how they can assist with migraines and other health conditions. No matter what you are experiencing, this may well provide you with an effective solution, or at least one that is more effective than what you currently use. The experience is different for everyone, although most people report positive results.

There are few risks associated with this type of migraine relief, mostly related to things like bruising or tenderness at the site of the injection, or irritation of the vein used for the infusion. Otherwise, it’s a fairly painless experience and most people find that the potential benefits far outweigh anything else.

If you’re ready to discuss what IV migraine therapy can do for you, give us a call today (888.994.0875). We have a full line of hydration therapy solutions available and can even help you tailor something to your exact needs, giving you a better chance at natural relief while also restoring the overall balance of your body. Contact us now to discuss your migraine issues and get more information on how our injectable therapies may be able to assist you in avoiding serious migraine attacks for the long-term.