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Jet Lag

Travel is exhausting. Even when you’ve had the most relaxing vacation, once you arrive home, your body might feel sluggish and out of sorts. You might even find yourself irritable or anxious for what seems like no reason at all. The reason, however, is one that many people don’t realize has such a dramatic effect: jet lag.

This typically happens to people who cross more than one time zone or take a long-distance flight that interrupts their normal daily routine. This disruption may seem small, but it’s enough to disrupt your sleep, appetite, and even your mental function. Studies are even starting to show that jet lag can disrupt the body at a genetic level, which means that the brain isn’t growing and retaining memory like it should. Plus, you’ll probably feel more stress as a result.

Typically, your body will recover in a matter of days, or within a week at most. It all depends on how long you traveled and how disrupted your body is. Some people will take vitamins or supplements to assist in recovery, but even these are slow-acting because the body doesn’t get a lot of absorption from oral nutrients. Fortunately, there’s a new solution that many people are turning to so that they don’t have to feel the effects of jet lag for a minute longer than necessary.

IV Therapy for Jet Lag

Jet lag therapy is an infusion that is specifically designed to combat the issues that result from your body being debilitated by travel. Our special formulation was carefully created to ensure the maximum benefit to your body’s overall function and health. We use a unique combination of vitamins, electrolytes, anti-inflammatory agents, and amino acids along with plenty of hydration to ensure that your body isn’t missing a thing.

This therapy is designed to help replenish the body’s amino acids that are responsible for helping the brain combat fatigue, anxiety, and depression that can often be a result of excessive travel. The quick absorption from the IV therapy gives the body the chance to recover in less time and saves you the hassle of feeling bad in the meantime. You can get back to your life and know that your body is back on track. It never hurts to give your body a little extra boost, and after travel, it’s going to make a big difference.

Where Does Jet Lag Come From?

Everyone has an internal clock, or circadian rhythm that keeps the body on a schedule and helps it know the time of day so that it can regulate sleep, eating habits, metabolism, body temperature, and a variety of other processes. When you are traveling across time zones, your body is going to get confused by the alternating schedules and weird hours. This confusion leads to the symptoms of jet lag: sluggishness, confusion or lack of awareness, feeling anxious or depressed, and even difficulty concentrating or sleeping.

Technically, jet lag can happen to anyone who travels in a fashion that disrupts their normal sleep patterns, even if it’s only a red-eye flight that’s two hours long. However, those who have the most severe symptoms are the ones who have traveled the furthest or have been in multiple time zones. Those who have been traveling for an extended period of time are also more likely to experience jet lag because they have been on various schedules throughout their travels.

The Benefits of Jet Lag IV Therapy

For those who want a different way to get their life back on track when they get home from a trip, IV therapy offers an optimal solution:

  • Less feeling anxious, irritable, and depressed with an almost-instant mood improvement
  • Better mental clarity and focus so that you can get back to work and life with purpose
  • A chance to spend less time recovering and more time enjoying the memories of your travels
  • Improved sleep patterns and eating habits as your body normalizes faster

Ultimately, anything that is lacking as a result of jet lag will be restored with this therapy, and we can even help you with a custom solution that will supply additional nutrients and supplement your body in the unique ways that you need. Our professional team understands how different nutrients and vitamins interact with the body on a cellular level and we have worked hard to develop the best formulations to provide people with the health support that they need, including in recovering from something as seemingly harmless as jet lag.

The fact of the matter is that you don’t have to suffer, so you shouldn’t. Helping your body recover from stress can do wonders for you both now and in the future. Plus, once you see just how much more balanced and restored you feel after your session, you might decide to come back for other needs or whenever you travel in the future. It’s a prime way to get your body back on track without a lot of wasted time or energy.

See What Our IV Therapy Can Do for You

If you’re ready to stop wasting valuable time recovering from jet lag and give your body the regenerative nutrients and hydration that it needs, call us to discuss what IV therapy can do for you. We can help you better understand how this treatment works and help you determine if there is anything else that your body may be missing. This hydration therapy has shown to be quite effective at preventing or reversing the debilitating effects of jet lag and can have you feeling like your old self in no time at all.

Whether you’ve tried IV therapy before or you’re new to the experience entirely, it’s a really simple process. It doesn’t take a lot of time and can bring immediate relief along with ongoing support at the cellular level to keep you feeling better, longer. Contact us to find out what types of IV therapy you could benefit from or to set up your jet lag IV therapy session. Although everyone’s results are different, the majority of people prefer this option when it comes to getting rid of jet lag for good. Protection Status