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Mechano Growth Factor
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Using Mechano Growth Factor To Treat Muscular Trauma

Working out is a long and grueling process. Even after spending hours a week in the gym for months at a time, you still might not be seeing the results you want. And that’s hoping you don’t run into any setbacks. The problem is when we push our bodies to their limits in the hopes of building a stronger physique; it’s easy to overdo it and end up getting injured. If you suffer a torn muscle, it can undo all the work you’ve put in.

In the hopes of getting back into the gym, it makes sense that you might look for something to speed your recovery. Of course, rest and a slow build back up will do the trick, but if you do not want to lose a lot of time, you might consider supplements or growth hormones. But rather than paying for powders that might not work or taking the chase with risky hormones, consider looking into peptide therapy. Peptides such as Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) can speed muscle recovery and get you back in the gym sooner.

What Is Mechano Growth Factor?

Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) is a small chain of amino acids synthesized from a variant of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 is an important growth hormone that affects childhood development through adolescence and even into adulthood. It helps maintain homeostasis in adult tissue.

When we exercise, we stretch our muscles, causing microtears that are then repaired. As the tears are filled in, our muscles grow and strengthen. Whenever this happens, MGF is released to stimulate more muscle growth. So, after a particularly intense session of weight training, MGF can be found in high quantities.

Because our muscles grow through repairing microtears, simply calling MGF a growth peptide is a limited way of looking at things. It’s a repairing peptide. MGF can help repair damaged muscles and tissues that have wasted away by splitting the cells and activating stem and satellite cells. This makes MGF an ideal candidate for anyone suffering muscle decay due to old age or trauma.

How Mechano Growth Factor Works

When cells are spliced in the direction of an MGF peptide, it begins a process called hypertrophy, or overgrowth. Locally damaged muscle cells then begin to repair at a faster rate than normal. Because MGF is naturally released by overworked muscles, adding the peptide as a supplement boosts growth and repair by several times.

Bodybuilders generally take MGF following a workout to help boost their muscle growth or if they have been injured. A standard dose is about 0.2 mg diluted into a solution. These doses are then administered through a subdermal injection. MGF is taken daily over a month to achieve the best results. We must, however, warn that if you intend to purchase MGF over the internet to proceed with caution. Many products are advertising themselves as pure MGF, but verifying these claims can be difficult.

Taking a mislabeled product can cause serious side effects but also be aware that MGF itself can cause joint pain and damage to the liver and heart. We recommend speaking to a doctor before purchasing something online. MGF should only be taken to treat muscular trauma and under the watchful eye of a physician.

If you experience any severe side effects such as chest or back pain, we recommend contacting your doctor immediately and ceasing therapy. While getting back into the gym soon is undoubtedly an attractive idea, getting the perfect body is not worth an adverse reaction or potentially causing further damage. Protection Status