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GHRP 6 – A Restorative Approach To Growth Hormone Deficiency

The human body is a complex and fascinating system controlled by a whole host of different mechanisms. To stay in constant communication with itself, the body uses not one but two lines of communication. We commonly think of the brain and its branching networks of neurons, but the unsung hero is our endocrine system. That’s the system responsible for secreting all the hormones in our bodies. The endocrine system circulates more than 50 varieties of hormones throughout the body!

When it comes to hormones, people often think of moody, acne-faced teenagers but, while sex hormones are vitally important, they hardly scratch the surface. In truth, hormones are nothing more than chemical signals that tell a part of the body when to do something, for how long, and how intensely. Some have particular roles while some broader, more systematic roles. We have hormones flowing through our bodies from the day we are born to the day we die.

If hormones are so important, then you would think our bodies would spend a lot of time and energy, making sure that they never run out. But, as we age, our bodies start to change. Over time, some of the most important hormones stop being produced in the same amounts as when we are young. One such hormone is Growth Hormone.

Now, it might not sound like a big deal to run out of growth hormone after a certain age. Otherwise, we would keep growing. Despite its name, growth hormone does a lot more than help us grow into adulthood. Growth hormone is also responsible for regulating our body composition and fluid retention, our muscle mass and bone density, and also our metabolism. Without growth hormone, we begin to see all the tell-tale signs of old age—brittle bones, weaker muscles, and weight gain.

A gradual decrease in growth hormone over time is completely normal, but some people want to put off the effects for as long as they can. Taking the hormone itself can be risky, so doctors and researchers have found a workaround—Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides 2 (GHRP-2). Peptides are essentially just small chains of amino acids that serve many functions within the body. GHRP-2 serves the function of prompting our pituitary gland to increase growth hormone production.

However, when someone needs more than just a little boost in their metabolism or a helping hand in the gym, they might need something a little stronger than standard GHRP-2. To help people with severe growth hormone deficiencies, researchers have been able to synthesize a special variant of GHRP called GHRP-6. It works in the same way by prompting the pituitary gland to produce more hormone, but compared to GHRP-2, it is much stronger and faster acting.

Before you go out and ask your doctor for GHRP-6, first understand what a growth hormone deficiency looks like. Whereas our bodies naturally become a little heavier and weaker when we naturally lose growth hormone, a severe deficiency would present symptoms such as depression, anxiety, sensitivity to temperature, fatigue, and changes in cholesterol. If you have any of these symptoms, you may qualify for GHRP-6.

Unlike hormone therapy, which seeks to replace lost hormones, peptide therapies act as a restorative treatment. Receiving this therapy could help restore your body’s natural production of growth hormone over time, and after a few months of treatment, you could see growth hormone levels similar to those of when you were in your 20s. Of course, before starting any new treatment, particularly one as powerful as GHRP-6, be sure to talk to your doctor about dosing and safety. Protection Status