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Xcellr8 Health is an upscale hormone therapy clinic specializing in hormone therapy, peptide therapy, and IV hydration therapy. We help create custom therapy regimens for both men and women . We are here to help you feel mentally, emotionally, and physically better! 
We specialize in Testosterone therapy for men, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for women, medical weight loss, injectable vitamins and amino acid therapy, peptide therapies, detox therapies, and we even have a walk in clinic for those days your just not feeling 100%!



  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Increased Energy & Stamina
  • ​Helps Improve Depression & Anxiety
  • ​Improves Quality of Life
  • ​Enhances Sex Drive & Improves Sexual Performance
  • ​Helps protect against Cardiovascular Disease
  • ​Improves Cholesterol Profile


  • Preserves Muscle During Fasting
  • Lose Fat at an Accelerated Rate
  • Increase growth hormone levels as much a 5x (Stunts amino Acid breakdown)
  • ​Increased energy
  • ​Increased Mental Acuity
  • ​Improved Performance


  • We have Customized Workout plans for every level
  • Learn how to Increase strength & strip away fat at an accelerated rate
  • ​Our HIIT workouts were created to increase fat metabolism after your workouts
  • ​Kettlebell Shred is a secret training utilized by the Russian Military 
  • ​Our proprietary system will get you shredded in less than 90 days Guaranteed!


  • When you join our membership plan, you will get access to our Facebook community where you'll get direct access to our team of dedicated coaches & trainers! 
  • Accountability and support from other spartan warriors and our team of dedicated coaches and trainers!
  • ​Share your progress, provide encouragement, and share your weekly and monthly results with the community and reach your goals as a team!


New Members will get immediate access to our Exclusive 30 day Xcellr8 FatLoss Program! We are also offering a $150 Credit toward the therapy plan of your choice! Our system has been developed and tested to deliver results like no other program. When you combine the intermittent fasting blue print and 30 day shred with your hormone therapy you will see results like never before! Get ready to Xcellr8 your results! Schedule your FREE consultation and be our next success story!


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Xcellr8 Hormone Replacement Therapy Pricing

Male Hormone Therapy Starting at $169 monthly:

  • ​Testosterone Cypionate: 5ml bottles containing 200mg/ml testosterone
  • ​Estrogen Blocker: Anastrozole tablets
  • ​Syringes, needles, and alcohol wipes
  • ​Instructional videos for self administration
  • ​All hormones are shipped on a recurring schedule so make sure there are no gaps in your therapy so that your hormone levels are consistent.

Female Hormone Therapy Starting at $169 monthly:

  • Bioidentical treatments for menopause and perimenopause
  • ​Estrogen therapy, progesterone therapy, testosterone therapy, DHEA therapy, thyroid therapy, growth hormone therapy, sexual dysfunction, hair loss, adrenal fatigue, and so much more.
  • All bioidentical hormone treatments are customized to you individual needs. No two plans are alike!
  • ​BHRT treatments shipped directly to your door step.

Xcellr8 Membership Pricing

Xcellr8 Male Memberships Starting at $297:

  • ​Testosterone Cypionate: 5ml bottles containing 200mg/ml testosterone
  • ​Estrogen Blocker: Anastrozole tablets
  • ​HCG: Helps testicles stay full and helps with sperm production
  • ​Get Access to the Xcellr8 30 day Workout Plan
  • ​Get Access to the Intermittent Fasting Blue Print
  • ​Get Access to the Xcellr8 Recipe Cookbook
  • ​​Get Access to the Xcellr8 Grocery List 
  • ​Get Access to the Facebook Accountability Group

Xcellr8 Female Memberships Starting at $297:

  • Bioidentical treatments for menopause and perimenopause
  • ​​Estrogen therapy, progesterone therapy, testosterone therapy, DHEA therapy, thyroid therapy, growth hormone therapy, sexual dysfunction, hair loss, adrenal fatigue, and so much more.
  • ​​Get Access to the Xcellr8 30 day Workout Plan
  • ​​Get Access to the Intermittent Fasting Blue Print
  • ​Get Access to the Xcellr8 Recipe Book
  • ​Get Access to the Xcellr8 Grocery List
  • ​Get Access to the Facebook Accountability Group


  • Complete the Medical Forms found on our secure website.
  • We will schedule your Blood lab panels.
  • Results will be send directly to our office.
  • ​We will schedule your FREE hormone consultation.
A complete customized therapy plan will be designed by our physicians to meet the individual needs of each patient in order to optimize hormone levels.
  • Pharmaceutical grade testosterone and bio-identical therapies.
  • We are partnered with U.S. Licensed Pharmacies.
  • Our physicians and NP's are licensed throughout the U.S.
Once the therapy plan has been created. We will ship your hormone medications directly from our pharmacy discretely to your front door! 
  • We will ship your approved orders within 24 hours with tracking.
  • All medications are shipped discretely to your front door.
  • We will provide monthly recurring shipments to make sure your hormone levels are on track each month.
You will get monthly access to our physicians, nutritionist, and personal trainers to make sure you are on track with your regimen and goals!
  • Get access to bi-yearly hormone consultations to keep hormone levels optimized.
  • Get access to weekly nutritionist sessions to monitor progress, calories, macros, weight, and body fat assessments.
  • Get access to your own customized training app to keep you on track.

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Brittany Schneider, MS, CNS, CPT

Have you ever been so fed up with your health or unexplained symptoms that couldn't be solved? Stomach issues you couldn't shake or weight you just couldn't seem to lose? That was me. In 2008 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and in the following years I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and multiple food sensitivities, which prompted my interest in nutrition. After I struggled with my own digestive issues for years while doctors told me I was 100% healthy, I decided to extensively research nutrition and go back to school because I knew something wasn’t right. I learned first hand the power of nutritional therapeutic interventions to heal the root cause, and not just treat my symptoms. I encourage people to be their own health advocate, and if they feel like something isn’t quite right to keep searching for answers.

I am passionate about helping people with an integrative and functional approach to nutrition, utilizing whole foods and supplements to improve health. Rather than treating symptoms I try to find the root cause of what is going on within the body, while focusing on the whole person – not just individual parts. I combine health coaching and medical nutrition therapy to help you transform your life.

I am a Board Certified Nutritionist Specialist (CNS) and completed my Master’s in Nutrition & Integrative Health at Maryland University of Integrative Health, with a focus in clinical nutrition. I also received my BS in Business Administration from the University of Mary Washington and am a NASM certified personal trainer. 
Real Clients Real Results!
My experience with Xcellr8 Health was incredible! They took the time to understand my history, challenges & GOALS. A plan was developed and I was able to achieve my overall health goals! After many many failed health improvement programs, I finally found one that will work for a lifetime. Xcellr8 Health created a customized plan that allowed me to feel better, perform better, and provided me a solid foundation I could build from!

Justin, W. - Monument, Colorado

I didn't realize the difference hormone replacement would have on my life. Xcellr8 Health provided a holistic approach and they created a customized therapy plan, a customized workout, and the registered dietician was able to provide a eating plan that was easy to achieve! My body composition has completely transformed in less than 30 days and I have never had this much energy! Xcellr8 Health provides the most comprehensive plan on the Market!

Chris P. - Denver, Colorado

At the time I began with Xcellr8 Health, I was 63 years old, 20 lbs overweight, and had aches and pains throughout my body. After meeting with the doctor and staff at Xcellr8 Health, having my blood panels run, Xcellr8 Health had me on a diet, workout plan and hormone replacement regiment that i could live with. Today I have maintained a weight of 145lbs, which is my target, workout 5 time a week for an hour per workout with little to no pain and with the hormone replacement the pains in my shoulder and hips have disappeared. Being a type two diabetic I have found that with the hormones I am taking the mood swings are much less in frequency and duration. In short Xcellr8 Health changed and possibly saved my life. Thank you Xcellr8 Health!

Robert C. - Coral Springs Florida

Mike Barnwell and his team at Xcellr8 Health have extensive knowledge and were able to educate me on the different estrogen therapies. They created a customized plan and monitored my therapies until I started feeling better. The Xcellr8  Fatloss program completely transformed my body and I have more energy, more confidence, and I can finally sleep all night!

Nancy S. - Colorado Springs, Colorado

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